Words before I leave this town

So here i am, writing this blog, this might be the last posting im gonna write in my own home. Well tomorrow ill be leaving for Jogjakarta, starting my role as a freshman, im gonna be studying in University of Gadjah Mada.

Its kinda sad you know, leaving this town where you grew up, where you started to know more about life, where you  found your bestfriends, where you met your first love, where all the ups and downs in life began.

I've met so many kinds of person here, i've learnt so many things here, i've tasted so many experiences here, i've recorded so many memories here. Memories.

Do memories last forever?
One thing i know, those experiences i've had together, those giggles, those laughs, those tears, those doubts, and those fears, they wont come back the same, there's no redo button in our life. there's no "Open" button in our life, where you could save your memories and re-open it again anytime you wanted.
They only left us with memories, and that's the only thing you can hold on to.

So many people have changed and affect my life here, and i too might affect somebody else's life. Wether lovers, haters, they all left certain marks on my heart, touching me, changing me into someone else better. And i do thank YOU for that.

Here i am, listening to Your Hand in Mine (The Goodbye Song) by Explosions in The Sky, with teary eyes and all. Soon, imma face something bigger in my life.

I'm so excited, yet..
i'm scared as well.

I'm longing for this freedom, yet i dont know what im gonna face in a strange town alone. But you know we're always scared with things that we dont know right? so i guess, this is normal. I'm just gonna take a deep breath, and be not afraid.
im strong.
even if im in doubt and make a mistake one day, ill remember that i've never been perfect.

geez it's 4:37 AM in the morning, and i havent even blinked for once.
How time pass so fast. How clock ticks too quick.
I thought i'd be a kid forever, i thought i'd never leave mom and dad,
i thought this was my life forever,
all of a sudden, in a blink of an eye, im 18, a grown up girl, ready to leave this town,
alone and all. How weird is that?

And before we even realise, we'll be studying in universities, graduating, working, getting married....
and when we meet each other again, we'll realise that life is THAT short.

people come, people go. some left us with such deep marks, some just pass us like the breeze of the wind.
but there are times where we all stay in the same room, sharing each other's life. Times when we all influence each other's life.

I'll keep these memories, and my bestfriends, you have left such deep marks on my heart, i dont know what else to say than i love you guys and im really really gonna miss you :'(

"We've gona so far and done so much, 
and i feel like we've always been together
right be my side, through thick and thin,
you're the part of my life I'll always remember "

stay cool :)